Forever doesn’t really last forever…

last Friday, My boyfriend broke up with me. He told me it was because he was crazy. I mean like what the fuck. I could deal with that. because I love him so much and I would’ve been ok with it but then like the next day I found out… he’s dating my best friend. that’s when I realized he broke up with me to be with  her. I wish he’d realize how much he hurt me, I wanted to kill myself after that break up but then he told me he was going to kill himself if I killed myself. so I pretty much saved he’s life. your welcome Cole god I just hate him so much. we even planed out our future. I just wanna scream and cry. I don’t know what to do with my life anymore… I feel like I’m never going to find love again… I just want to end it all

the best Boyfriend ever!!

yesterday was the most amazing day ever becuz I got t talk to my Boyfriend for a long long time (till I had to go to bed) and are conversation didn’t get boring once. he’s honestly the best boyfriend in the world and he’ so hot, sexy and kind hearted. I just love him so much!! I’m the luckiest girl in world. if for some reason we break up, I’d be so lost, I’d have to end my live. i love u so much baby :*

OMG, the Drama train just made a stop!!

a few minutes I got a text from my ex-Best Friend telling me she’s dating my ex-Boyfriend. like WTF, I mean is she trying to make me jealous cuz it’s not working all. in fact, it just reminds me why she’s my “Ex-Best Friend” and on top of that, my Best Friend lost my trust in her. I told her to keep a secret from my Boyfriend cuz I was going to tell him, and she told him.. what are Friends for right? god I’m pissed off at her right now for doing so >:(